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General Maintenance

This is usually due to a misaligned ink stream or partially blocked nozzle. Follow the below steps.​​


With the ink stream off, clean the printhead components ​​

3. Manual Printhead Clean
3. Manual Printhead Clean
Watch this video on YouTube

Start the jet back up and check for ink stream alignment

If the alignment doesn’t look like the above pictures then align the ink stream into the gutter 

3. Manual Printhead Clean
3. Manual Printhead Clean
Watch this video on YouTube

This is due to something called ‘clipping’ and is caused by the ink stream not aligned properly in the gutter. The deflected dots for the top or the bottom of the code are printing but catching the edge of the gutter block.

Follow the Alignment video to fix this.

Before cleaning the printhead please make sure you have the right cleaner. From the home screen of the printer click ‘Help’ and it will tell you the ink type that your printer is configured for.

Follow the Video Tutorial to see how to clean the printhead.

3. Manual Printhead Clean
3. Manual Printhead Clean
Watch this video on YouTube

This happens because the folder InstallBestcodeImage has been installed in a directory other than the root C:\

Check the location of this folder and if it is located anywhere other than C:\ then move the folder to the root directory so it is located at c:\InstallBestcodeImage\

Once this is done it should operate fine and the J-Link can be used to update firmware.

Make sure that the SmartFilter you are installing matches the Model of the printer you are installing it into. Some of the models are restricted to which filter you can fit. For Example, the Model 81 has its own 2,000 filter kit. Part# 31-5055-02 is specifically for the Model 81. If used in any other printer the tag will not work. Also, if another filter kit is installed in the Model 81 the tag will not work either.

Model 81 – 31-5055-02

Model 82 – 31-5053-02

Models 86/87 – 31-5051-02

Model 88 – 31-5050-02

Model 88 Opaque – 31-5054-02

First thing to check is that the pump is getting 24V from the power supply. LED 5 on the CPU is an indicator that there is 24V available

If you have the 24V and the pump is not seized then it is either a faulty pump or most likely a bad cable or connection in the wiring harness for the pump.

If you hear a buzzing sound from the pump it has power but it is blocked with ink. You can try to flush the pump out but normally its not that successful.

So the main issue here is that someone has put too much ink into the printer. The ink tank itself will take one Quart bottle of ink. If you try adding more before the system asks for it you will overfill the tank.

There are float switches in the ink and makeup tank that measure the levels of ink and makeup. These readings can be seen on the front home screen.

It is possible that one of these switches breaks or gets stuck and will give a false reading so the operator may think they are doing the right thing by adding more ink.

Below are the different level status that you will see on the screen.

First check to make sure that the connectors from the float switches are plugged in and not loose or covered in ink.

This is normal operation where the ink has lifted the bottom float switch from the ink low position

This is also normal and showing an ink low status. The bottom and top float are at the low position. Here you would just add a bottle of ink once you have determined that the switches are working correct and not stuck.

This is a status that would not happen if everything was working properly. One of these float switches is stuck. Either the top float is stuck in the high position or the bottom float is stuck in the low position. Either clean for good operation or replace the float switch assembly.

The last one here is showing both switches held high which shows that the ink tank is over filled. This is the situation where you would probably see ink in the SmartFill cup fill tube or in the cup itself. You will probably also see ink leaking from the seal between the fill tube and the Ink tank.

This could be caused by a few things but most likely just a bad grounding between the head and the controller

  • Check the connections on the blue coax cable that runs through the umbilical. It plugs into the Drop generator on one end and the bottom left of the CPU board on the other.
Blue Coax connects on the bottom left
  • Check continuity on the green ground cable that runs through the umbilical.
  • Check on the CPU board for the two red LED’s LED 23 and LED 24 and make sure they are both on.
Both Red LED’s should be on for High Voltage

The fault could be any of the above and also the Drop Generator, PSU or the CPU board.