Ambient Air Pressure too high


The fault is displayed when air pressure is too high for the jet to start. The Pressure Sensor Transducer checks for outside air pressure each time the jet is started.


Changing the Transducer

Power off the printer and then turn it back on. It is a faulty Transducer or cabling if the fault reappears.

The Transducer is located on the top of the white plastic manifold next to the solenoid valves (see photo). Check the cables to ensure that they are not broken or shorted out from ink. Follow the cable to the CPU. Do not touch the diaphragm or the nozzle of the cleaning bottle with your fingers when replacing or cleaning the Transducer. Touching these areas will damage the Transducer immediately. Be careful not to damage the O ring when replacing the Transducer. Start the pump manually at a low pressure. Make sure there are no leaks before starting the jet at full 40PSI.



Updating Firmware

Firmware should be updated if the fault does not appear when the printer is powered back on. Check for the latest version and update the firmware.