Temp Sense Fault

System temperature too high to operate. Either the temperature of the printhead or interior cabinet is too hot (above 60°C – 140°F).


Diagnosing the Issue

There are two thermistors located in the system, one in the printhead and the other on the CPU. Determine where the issue is by logging in to service with the GOTECH password. Press the status button to look at the temperatures of the two thermistors. 

One common issue is that a thermistor would go open circuit. Locate and repair. 

The fan has its own fault code when it stops spinning. You will see this fault code if it is the cause of the overheating. Check the air filter to see if it is blocked. A blocked air filter reduces cool air from coming in and cooling the system. 

Consider adding the Factory Air kit to keep the cabinet and printhead cooler if everything is working well and the system is just running hot.