Ink Tank Full—Do Not Add Ink


This Fault Code is a warning that the ink tank is full of ink. See options below.


Checking for Ink

Check to see if a bottle of ink has been added to the printer before it was necessary and while the tank was full.

Open the back panel of the printer to see if the ink tank is full. Once verified, go into the event log to see when ink was added to the printer.


Remove, Clean or Replace the Float Switch

A false reading may occur if the float switch is faulty. Remove the back panel of the printer and inspect the ink tank. The float switch is either stuck in the up position or faulty if the ink tank is not full. Learn how to remove and clean or replace the float switch.


Check and Clean the Solenoid Valve

Makeup has entered the ink tank due to the solenoid valve not closing properly. Inspect the ink tank. If the ink tank is full, open the service menu to check the viscosity. Thin (low) viscosity can be caused by the solvent solenoid failing to close. This failure has filled the ink tank up with solvent. There are three solenoids that could cause the fault warning: Flush (Brown), Bleed (Red) and Solvent Add (Blue). Learn how to check and clean the solenoids.


Changing the Generation Setting

The printer may have been set to the wrong Generation. GEN 1 system is an early system that ran up to June 2016. GEN 2 is from 2016 to present day. The early GEN 1 systems did not have a head flush cycle when shutting down. All the flush will end up in the ink tank if the printer is a GEN 1 system and it is set to GEN 2. The viscosity will be very thin (low) if this is the case. Learn how to change the Generation setting.