Pump Rotation Too High

This fault is caused by higher than expected pump rotations. The reason for this is usually due to a leak in the ink system between pickup and infeed of pump. The pump needs to be rotating no less than 18 to 20RPS to achieve the necessary 40PSI.


Air Leak

Confirm the right pump has been selected in the software. It is important to check this because there are several options available.

An air leak in the ink system would cause the pump to increase its speed as the pressure is never reached. This is typically when the pickup tube has not been plugged in properly to the pump infeed and its leaking air.


Thick Ink

Blockage in the pickup tube or prepump filter could also cause the pump rotations to be too high as it tries to get fluid but can’t. Check for thicker ink at the bottom of the ink tank that may be blocking the pickup tube.


Bad Ink Flow

If flow from the pump to Transducer is very bad (ie. clogged main filter) you can get this error. Normally other errors would occur first like low phase or viscosity high etc. Temperatures below 40 degrees F cause ink to get thick and cause flow issues in the printer.