Pump Pressure Too High


This fault is caused by pressure in the system exceeding the maximum level permitted. The pump needs to be rotating no less than 18 to 20RPS to achieve the necessary 40PSI.


Bypassing the Filters

Confirm the right pump has been selected in the software. It is important to check this because there are several options available.

A blockage in the ink system would cause the pump to reduce its speed as the pressure is reached easier. This typically occurs if a Main or Pre-pump Filter has not been changed and is restricting the flow of ink. Check the Service Screen to see when the filters were last changed.

Bypass the filters by connecting a tube directly from the pump. Place the other end of the tube in a beaker. Start the pump manually increasing until there is a flow of ink.  The issue will be the pump if there is no ink flow. Replace the pump.


Clean the Venturi

A blockage may be located in the system if you have confirmed good ink flow from the pump.

Reconnect the Main Filter. Remove the Venturi from the ink tank. Clean as shown in the video tutorial.


Blockage in Manifold

Test the pump after the Venturi has been cleaned. A low RPS on the pump indicates a blockage in the Manifold. Turn the system off. Wait until the pressure has decreased and then carefully remove the Solenoid Valves and Transducer from the Manifold. Clean thoroughly to remove all ink.


Faulty CPU

Update the firmware. The fault will be on the CPU if steps one through three did not correct the fault warning. Replace the CPU board if the firmware update is not the issue.