Charged Drops Not Detected


We declare a missing charge drop and shut off the charge circuit instantly when a charge pulse is sent to the charge electrode and the phase detector does not see it. This is typically a result of the electrode being directly shorted to ground. Dirty heads can cause this fault along with no or poor break-up. Most of the time these conditions result in phase errors first.


Diagnosing the Issue

Watch the video tutorial to learn how to manually clean the printhead. Inspect closely for dirt or debris that may be causing a short to ground. All of BestCode’s inks are conductive. Make sure the printhead is dry before retrying the jet.


Phase Pulses

A “phase missing drop” fault occurs initially if the yellow charge cable is not plugged in or is an open circuit. The phase pulses use the same yellow cable and electrode. This always proceeds the “missing charge” error fault.

Yellow charge cable


Checking the Yellow Connection

Check the yellow connection on the CPU board. Make sure you do not break the pin. It is impossible to check continuity on this cable as the printhead end is potted. Do not cut this cable. The only fix is to replace the printhead. Check the yellow cable to ground to test if it is shorted.

Circuit board connection