Fluid not Detected in Gutter

This warning may appear for a number of reasons. Options are listed below to help resolve this fault warning.


Performing a Backflush

The ink stream is missing the gutter. No ink is being vacuumed back into the system. If the nozzle is partially blocked it may trigger the “Gutter Fault” warning. Perform a Backflush on the Nozzle then start Jet. Watch the video tutorial for directions. It may be necessary to repeat the Backflush several times.


Cleaning the Printhead

Cleaning the printhead will ensure that the ink stream is entering the gutter.

Jet Alignment

If the ink stream doesn’t reflect the photos above, follow the steps shown in the video to re-align the jet.


Clogged Gutter Line

The fault may be due to a clogged gutter line. If the ink is bubbling up and not going into the gutter hole it could be that the gutter line is clogged. Follow the gutter return line back through the system and check for blockages. Check the solenoid valve and make sure it is clicking on and off as shown in the video tutorial “Checking Solenoid Valves”.

Cleaning a Solenoid Valve

If the Gutter Solenoid Valve is blocked then follow the video tutorial and clean the solenoid.

Once you have checked the Solenoid Valve you should also check for blockages in the gutter detect tube and the main gutter in the printhead.


The Venturi

If you have tried steps one through five and still do not see a vacuum on the gutter then it is possibly the Venturi. The Venturi is located in the ink tank and creates a natural vacuum. If the Venturi is blocked then a vacuum will not be present at the return gutter. Follow the steps in the video tutorial to clean and service the Venturi.