This could be a couple of things.

1. Check the photocell to make sure that the light on the back of it is turning on and off as the product goes past. If you are using the Banner Proximity then the yellow power light should be on and the orange detect light should flash on and off as a product goes past. Watch the video below on how to afjust the photocell if thats not the case.

2. If you are running a variable speed shaft encoder, it could be that the encoder wheel has lost connection to the belt and is not rotating. The wheel needs to rotate at the speed of the belt to monitor the speed of the belt.

3. It could be that the Product Delay is set to early or too late and it is actually printing but off the product. Try holding a piece of paper in front of the head and give a print go manually using the button at the top of the Service Menu.

20. Adjusting the Photocell
20. Adjusting the Photocell
Watch this video on YouTube
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